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The Inclusion Imperative

BARDO Inclusive is an equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) consultancy that offers support, consultancy, training, cultural change campaigns, and coaching to businesses and individuals. 

After 20 years in the inclusion sector, we decided to create BARDO to help provide much-needed support for businesses, individuals, and the EDI specialist community. 

We believe in living in a way that includes compassion for everyone. Allowing all to live with respect, be treated appropriately to their individual needs, and flourish. Our approach is highly creative. We believe that challenging unhelpful thought patterns should be engaging, and a positive journey of discovery.


We are non-judgemental and provide a safe space for individuals and organisations to discover how to embrace inclusivity. 


Our business consulting approach will often consist of: 

  1. Structural analysis - looking at policies, processes, and internal practices;

  2. Training and coaching - addressing unhelpful thought patterns and educating all about inclusion through coaching, workshops, and masterclasses; and 

  3. Change campaigns - ensuring appropriate artifacts, communication materials, networks, and resources are available for all to see and engage with. 

This can result in a diverse range of services, such as:

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion training and workshops 

  • Personal ED&I development programmes

  • Structural audits and diagnostics 

  • Product and service reviews

  • Talent management and diverse recruitment

  • Anti-harassment campaigns and tools. 

Gay Couple with Daughter
Open Space Office

'Inclusive' is a term that we use to include a number of different concepts, beliefs, and ideologies that contribute to a way of being that's all-inclusive. In work, home, and society. 

These include:

  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion - creating an environment where everyone can flourish. This primarily concentrates on the 2010 Equality Act's, nine protected characteristics - race, faith, age, disability, gender, gender reassignment, sexuality, marital or civil partnership status, and pregnancy and maternity. Removing invisible discriminators for these characteristics and others. 

  • Vegan Living - the inclusion of all kinds of beings, not just human kinds. Including animal rights in the way we embrace inclusivity.

  • Environmental Challenges - the inclusion of the world we inhabit. Exploring how we can all live in harmony on this planet, respecting it and each other. 

The reason for looking at all these ways of being inclusive in totality is to understand that they all require the same values and beliefs. And it is our duty to live those values and provide guidance for others if they wish to do so. 

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