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What is MindFit?

We tend to think about regular weekly exercise for our bodies, but what about for our minds? Making time for our mental health and practicing good thinking.

The brain also requires daily training to keep fit and healthy thought patterns.

This is where MindFit comes in, offering weekly classes to help you keep your brain healthy and develop thinking practices that serve you. You can sign up for in-person and/or online classes. Plus special retreat sessions at the amazing Stonehenge.


Help yourself get out of your own way.

MindFit uses meditation, positive impact coaching, and open-hearted discussions to help adopt good healthy thinking practices. 

Meditation is about being present, staying focused, and being in the moment.

If you make meditation a daily habit it can:

  • reduce stress levels

  • improve resilience

  • help positive decision-making

  • boost energy and immunity; and

  • change the way you think, eliminating limiting thinking patterns and mind traps such as anxiety, anger, frustration, biases, and prejudices that hinder you.

By observing your mind and its tendencies, you can train your mind to be more present and create more positive thinking habits. Stopping yourself from getting sucked into your thoughts and your emotions, and reframing how you respond to life's situations. If you want to understand more about this, watch the video below by Dr. Joe Dispenza who explains how meditation affects the neuro pathways in the brain to create beneficial ways of thinking.

Combine this with positive impact coaching tools for a thorough mind boost at our weekly classes. The mind boost part involves understanding the thought patterns and beliefs we have unconsciously adopted throughout our lives. Helping you to become more aware, and more awake to why you do what you do and how to ensure that what you do is helping not hindering you. Making sure that you are awake to how you live your life. Join us at MindFit to embrace the calm, find peace within yourself and learn how to control your thoughts, regain focus, and understand the programming society conditions us into and how it is limiting your personal development and success.

I am a certified Positive Impact Performance Coach from Newcastle University, and a certified guided meditation practitioner through Melissa Crowhurst. I have been coaching since 2006 and in meditation practice for over 20 years.

"We suffer more in imagination than in reality."


"Nothing can harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded."



Every Tuesday or Thursday at 7:30 pm why not join us for a 45-minute session at MindFit?

These sessions are run in a relaxed home setting, a beautifully converted barn in Wiltshire. Each session includes 20 minutes of guided meditation practice and 20 minutes of group coaching and discussion. 

Email me now to register for the sessions. Classes are either £12 per class or £39 a month if you sign up with a regular direct debit. Location details will be provided on registration, but it is on the outskirts of Bradford-on-Avon and there is plenty of free parking available. Numbers are limited to 15 for each class, so you MUST register to attend.

Photo by cottonbro studio



Every Monday and Friday join us online for a 15-minute guided meditation session.

Login at 7:30 am and help to build your daily practice. 

This online practice is included in your monthly payment, or you can pay for online-only sessions for £25 a month through direct debit.

Email me to register for the regular sessions and set up the direct debit. 

Photo by Vlada Karpovich


Want a really unique and special experience?

Then why not sign up for our guided mediation session within the pulsing quartz stones of Stonehenge? 

Email me now to register for one of these unique sessions. We look to host these experiences a couple of times a year, either very early in the morning or late in the evening. Message me directly to find out about possible dates and the cost.

Photo by Georgina Brown


The Benefits of Group Meditation

Any form of meditation has its merits, however, there are benefits to group meditation, these include:

Stronger together

Being surrounded by a group of like-minded strangers can provide a sense of community and a connection to the world around you even if you’re enjoying peace and quiet together it is a form of passive communication. This energy connection can provide great inner strength and calm, and a sense of harmony. 

Creating good habits

Although meditating at home, a place we often feel comfort and security is convenient, there are also many distractions, interruptions, and responsibilities. Practicing with a meditation group can be the motivation and discipline that some people need to cultivate the consistent practice and focus on inner peace without washing beeping in the tumble dryer or dogs asking to be walked.

Connection and support

You will find connections with people of varying levels of experience. For someone who is new to meditation, more experienced participants in the group can help to answer questions about types of meditation. You can pick up hints and tips for achieving a positive experience. You will build empathy with and for each other, and for others. 

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