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Conscious Leadership

Leadership that is life-centered, inclusive and diverse.

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What will I learn?

A deep dive into yourself and the needs of the world to thrive through inclusion.

  • A deeper understanding of awareness of others their personality traits and the impact of this on inclusive work.

  • Participate in BARDO's unique 'UNIFY' training programme.

  • Awareness of the self and the world around you, how we are all connected.

  • Learn how to be a responsible leader, working for the diversity and future of the world.

  • Co-create with thought-leaders and change-makers.

  • Understand how to work with nature and cognitive diversity to innovate and progress.

  • Gain insight into kindness within leadership and its impact.

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This is a leadership two-day residential course, designed for leaders and entrepreneurs to help bring consciousness and kindness into leadership to enable positive change to their organisations and the communities around them.

You will be part of a journey to help evolve the way we think of leadership. Working towards a new responsible way to serve people, planet and profits.

Winding Road


COURSE COST: £470 each

Including accommodation and food for the two days

Hosted over a weekend - arrive Friday evening,

leave Sunday afternoon.

Maximum of 6 participants

Based in Wiltshire, UK.

Register your interest.

We will make contact prior to the course to book an interview with you to explore your expectations and needs from this retreat.

Thanks for registering your interest. We will be in touch soon.

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