This blog is a blend of personal reflections, talks, and opinion pieces, from BARDO Inclusive Living founder George Brown as well as guest bloggers and specialists, who have a passion for equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Each month we will also review an 'Inclusive Product'.

A product that aims to help the world become that bit more inclusive, either through its environmental impact, vegan living, raising awareness of equality, diversity issues, or creating tolerance, and eliminating discrimination.

Product reviews and guest bloggers

Being truly inclusive is a continuous process. Something that as we learn, and become more woke, we are able to see more of the challenges and invisible blocks others face and address them - so we know that products are rarely 'perfect'. But those with the genuine aim to address these issues and become inclusive will be featured here and if they are good they will be available through a link in the shop.


Items could include:

  • Books

  • Skincare and beauty

  • Clothing and shoes

  • Food and drink